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Driving towards a better future for trucking companies

We believe in the power of collaboration. We seek to improve the future by linking businesses, developing partnerships, and encouraging cooperation. Our expert team is dedicated to helping US truck drivers and trucking company owners succeed.

We understand the importance of giving back to the community. That's why Route One Group is dedicated to charitable actions aimed at improving the lives of trucking society.

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"Our goal is to transform trucking. Within Route One Group, we want to simplify communication, boost transparency, and connect businesses effortlessly, reshaping the industry for the better."

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Eduard Litvac,CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Route One Group?

    Route One Group is an umbrella company within the trucking industry that wants to provide stability for all the people involved in the industry.

  • What is Route One Group’s mission/ purpose statement?

    The Route One Group’s purpose is “Where Every Mile Matters, Every Life Counts.”

  • What are ROG’s guiding principles?

    Our guiding principles are - care and connection, excellence, change responsibly for the better, and integrity. We believe the true power stays in trust and communication between clients and partners. This is the only way to drive positive transformations in the industry.

  • What industry does Route One Group operate in?

    Route One Group operates within the dynamic and vital sector of the trucking industry. Our expertise lies in the transfer of goods over long distances. Our clients' cargo is transported efficiently and quickly using cutting-edge technology and a competent workforce.

  • How was Route One Group founded?

    Route One Group was born out of the need to create a genuine and reliable business where drivers could feel safe and secure without deceit. Established in 2015, Route One Transport was the initial step. Then, we expanded our offerings by integrating complementary companies under one umbrella. Our focus is on providing a friendly, secure, and all-encompassing experience for drivers, ensuring stability and safety in every aspect of our services.

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