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About Route One Group
  • What is Route One Group?

    Route One Group is an umbrella company within the trucking industry that wants to provide stability for all the people involved in the industry.

  • What is Route One Group’s mission/ purpose statement?

    The Route One Group’s purpose is “Where Every Mile Matters, Every Life Counts.”

  • What are ROG’s guiding principles?

    Our guiding principles are - care and connection, excellence, change responsibly for the better, and integrity. We believe the true power stays in trust and communication between clients and partners. This is the only way to drive positive transformations in the industry.

  • What industry does Route One Group operate in?

    Route One Group operates within the dynamic and vital sector of the trucking industry. Our expertise lies in the transfer of goods over long distances. Our clients' cargo is transported efficiently and quickly using cutting-edge technology and a competent workforce.

  • How was Route One Group founded?

    Route One Group was born out of the need to create a genuine and reliable business where drivers could feel safe and secure without deceit. Established in 2015, Route One Transport was the initial step. Then, we expanded our offerings by integrating complementary companies under one umbrella. Our focus is on providing a friendly, secure, and all-encompassing experience for drivers, ensuring stability and safety in every aspect of our services.

Companies and services
  • What companies operate under Route One Group, and what services do they collectively provide?

    Route One Group comprises several specialized companies, including Route One Transport, Route One Car Hauling, Route One ELD, Tarp System, and Dispatch One. Together, they offer a comprehensive range of transportation services, car hauling, electronic logging solutions, trailer repair and sales, and truck dispatching services.

  • Can you provide an overview of the technology solutions offered by Route One Group through companies like Route One ELD?

    Route One ELD, a technology-focused component of Route One Group, provides cutting-edge electronic logging solutions. This includes user-friendly apps and electronic logging devices to enhance efficiency, comply with regulations, and improve overall fleet management.

  • How does Route One Group ensure the quality and safety of its transportation services across its affiliated companies?

    Route One Group is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and safety. Each affiliated company undergoes rigorous training, adheres to industry regulations, and implements best practices to ensure the reliability and safety of our transportation services.

  • How does Route One Group integrate its various services to provide a seamless experience for clients and partners?

    Route One Group takes a holistic approach to integrating its services, ensuring a seamless experience for clients and partners. Through collaboration among Route One Transport, Route One Car Hauling, Route One ELD, Tarp System, and Route One Dispatch, we streamline operations to meet the diverse needs of the trucking industry.

  • Are there opportunities for clients or partners within Route One Group to customize services based on their specific transportation needs?

    Yes, Route One Group is committed to meeting the unique needs of clients and partners. We understand that transportation requirements vary, and our team is open to discussing customized solutions. Feel free to contact us to explore tailored services that align with your specific transportation needs.

  • How can I apply for a position at Route One Group or its affiliated companies?

    To apply for a position, please visit our Careers page. Browse the available job listings and select the one that suits your skills and interests. Follow the online application process to submit your resume and relevant information.

  • What qualifications are typically required for positions within Route One Group's umbrella of companies?

    Qualifications vary depending on the specific position. However, common requirements include a strong work ethic, relevant experience, and, in some cases, industry-specific certifications. Check the job listing for detailed information on qualifications.

  • What is the hiring process like at Route One Group?

    The hiring process involves submitting an online application, which our hiring team will review. Qualified candidates may be contacted for an interview to discuss their skills and experiences further. The final steps may include reference checks and, in some cases, additional assessments.

  • How can I explore opportunities for career growth within Route One Group and its affiliated companies?

    Route One Group is committed to fostering career development. Opportunities for advancement are available, and we encourage employees to express their career goals to their supervisors. Periodic performance reviews may also be conducted to identify potential career growth paths.

  • Is there a mentorship or training program for new hires within Route One Group?

    Yes, Route One Group is dedicated to supporting the professional development of its employees. We offer mentorship programs and training opportunities to help new hires integrate seamlessly into their roles and continually enhance their skills throughout their careers.