Route One Group

Where every mile matters, every life counts.

Making the difference

Collaboration is a strong transformative power and Route One Group firmly believes in that. Our purpose is to shape a better future by tying connections among businesses, fostering partnerships, and empowering cooperation. Comprising a team of experts, we are committed to encouraging truck drivers and trucking company owners across the US.

Recognizing the significance of community support, Route One Group is deeply committed to charitable actions aimed at enhancing the well-being of the trucking society.

Our guiding principles

Embracing unity, integrity, and excellence in every initiative.

Achieve Together

Embracing success through unified communication and upright behavior.

Care and Connect

Nurturing relationships with our clients and partners built on trust and empathy.

Excel with Virtue

Striving for excellence in the trucking industry, guided by honesty and transparency.

Dream Big

Fostering innovation and ambition while upholding ethical business practices

Change Responsibly

Driving positive transformations in the industry through honest communication and mindful actions.

Unite for Integrity

Cultivating a culture of unity where ethical communication is the foundation of our success.

With boundless gratitude, our group of companies has empowered
over 100 trucking businesses to soar to new heights. Together, we've
fueled their evolution, transforming challenges into opportunities and
dreams into extraordinary journeys.


Leading the way

"Our goal is to transform trucking. Within Route One Group, we want to simplify communication, boost transparency, and connect businesses effortlessly, reshaping the industry for the better."

Meet them all
Eduard Litvac,CEO

Dream, Achieve, Excel.

Be a part of something great. Create a future and build a career with us.